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About Mucky Mutts Macclesfield

Mucky Mutts is a dog grooming service for small and medium dog breeds, based in Macclesfield. 

Mucky Mutts specialises in pet trims for your dogs, ensuring their hair is kept manageable, meaning less maintenance for you! I do everything I can to make sure your dog's grooming experience is enjoyable and comfortable.

Mucky Mutts groom dogs in a one-to-one environment, so that your dog has my undivided attention. However, I'm happy to groom multiple dogs from the same household, especially if being with their brother or sister helps them feel more relaxed.

Mucky Mutts continually strives to develop and improve its dog grooming service, which is why I regularly undertake seminars and webinars. I will continue to learn as much as I can because I love dog grooming and knowledge and believe you should never stop striving to be the best that you can.

Mucky Mutts before and after dog groom
Blue Water

Holistic dog grooming

I’m a holistic groomer, meaning I take the whole dog into consideration during the groom.

From making sure that not only physical, but also psychological and emotional needs of the animal are supported, to choosing the best possible products that are eco-friendly and providing a safe and comfortable environment.


I have several low-stress grooming techniques that I use to allow dogs to feel confident while being groomed. For dogs that have grooming anxiety, I study their behaviour, try to find the cause of their anxiety, and do everything I can to reduce their stress throughout the grooming process.


Sustainable dog grooming

I'm very conscious of ethical and ecological issues, which is why Mucky Mutts only uses eco-friendly and cruelty free products.

As much as possible I also try to buy products that are made in the UK, helping to reduce my carbon pawprint.

Mucky Mutts dog grooming
Mucky Mutts Macclesfield

About me

Hi, my name is Imogen Rose and I run Mucky Mutts Macclesfield.

I'm a fully qualified, OCN level 3, dog groomer and have been grooming full time since March 2020. I've also completed a canine first aid course.


I have a Pekinese x Parson Jack Russell called Cleo, that I'm absolutely in love with. My mum has a Cavapoochon, Mabel, that I groom for free - but since my mum is amazing, she's earned it :)


Mucky Mutts Macclesfield studio

My studio is based in the converted garage at the bottom of the garden. I have the whole top floor, giving your dog plenty of space to roam freely.

My equipment includes:

  • An electric table that allows me to have it at a range of heights for dog size and comfort, as some dogs feel anxious being high up.

  • I use eco friendly and ethical products in my grooms - all products I use I’ve thoroughly researched and tested.

  • A high velocity dryer, a hair dryer and a Roses dog grooming dryer brush, all with different strengths and sound levels. I choose which to use depending on the dog's comfort.

  • Cordless Heiniger clippers. Very quite and being cordless makes them easy to manoeuvre around a dog’s body

  • A wide range of scissor types for different applications and finishes

  • A dog bed and dog sofa, with water always available

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