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All things dog!

Find out about all things dog here, with a list of eco-friendly dog grooming products I love , as well as some local dog-related businesses that I recommend.

Mucky Mutts Dog grooming products

Below are the products I regularly use and also sell, please check them out - you can buy directly from the source.


Please contact me for personal recommendations about which product is best for your dog.

Soothe and calm shampoo

Mutney's Soothe and Calm Shampoo

Mutney's Soothe and Calm Shampoo is specifically designed for dogs with damaged or irritated skin.


Soothe and Calm contains three specially selected caring essential oils offering anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-dandruff, anti-septic and anti-itch properties.

It also helps to naturally heal skin disorders, eczema, cuts and grazes, as well as promote hair growth.

Deshedding shampoo

Houndsly's Humble watermelon deshedding shampoo

Houndsly's Humble watermelon deshedding shampoo is designed for double coats, to clean, hydrate and nourish.


It also aids in the removal of loose coat and deshedding during bathing and drying of the coat, all while being a gorgeous watermelon scent.

No more knots spray

My Groomer Recommends no more knots

Brushing your dog just got simpler with My Groomer Recommends

'No More Knots', a coat management spray. Spray it onto dry coats before brushing to help remove knots and tangles more easily and, when used regularly, it prevents them from forming.

This amazing product was developed by Julie Harris a dog groomer with over 30 years of experience in the grooming industry. 

Mucky Mutts recommended businesses

Here's a list of businesses in the local area that work with dogs that Mucky Mutts Macclesfield personally recommends.

Please contact me if you think there's anyone locally in the area who should be listed.

Off Leash


Carolyn is a positive dog trainer, she focuses on puppy classes and obediance classes.

she's based in bollington where she has a training centre, perfect for raining day and dark evenings, but she also has an outdoor training field, for sunny days (or days that you and your dog will survive outside.)

Head to Tail

Head to Tail veterinary physiotherapy

Lily Nye is a fully qualified and insured veterinary physiotherapist providing high quality treatment for canines, equines and other species alike.


Lily is based in Macclesfield, Cheshire, and offers mobile services throughout surrounding regions.


Woofingtons healthy dog emporium

Woofingtons specialises in natural and healthy dog foods.


It's a great store in Bollington, they're very knowledgeable about dogs' nutrition and have a wide range to choose from. You can also pick up a toy for your fur baby!

Treacle Town Hounds


Jan is a great and friendly dog walker, she can cover everything from half-hour visits to full hour-long on or off lead dog walks around the Macclesfield area. 

She will only use positive training methods, and will have a maximum of 4 dogs at a time, she can also do home visits with dogs and cats.

B and V Trading

b and v.webp

B and V is a great shop in Macclesfield town centre, drop in to grab some great treats for your pooches.

They also sell collars, leads, toys, snuffle matts and lots more. Go for a browse and I'm sure you'll find something for your dog. 

Romping Hounds

Dog Waving Paw

Una is a dog walker that has studied animal management, behaviour and welfare. She also has certificates in dog first aid and dog psychology.

Una mainly walks dogs 1:1, which is perfect for dogs that aren't comfortable with other dogs, or have other anxities that would benefit from 1:1 attention.

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